Gods of Creation

The Celestial Incarnae

The Celestial Incarnae (or Celestines) are the most powerful Gods in Yu-Shan and Creation. They embody the mightiest phenomena and are the patrons of the Celestial Exalted. Commonly referred to as the Incarnae, these beings are the supreme expression of celestial might. They have existed since the inception of Creation, created by the Primordials to maintain the integrity of Creation. After inciting the Primordial War, they turned over the duty of ruling Creation to the Solars by bestowing the Mandate of Heaven. They now reside, almost exclusively, in the Jade Pleasure Dome in Yu-Shan playing the Games of Divinity.

The Celestial Incarnae are:

  • The Unconquered Sun, god of the sun and embodiment of holiness. Patron of the Solar Exalted.
  • Luna, goddess of the moon and embodiment of adaptability and change. Patron of the Lunar Exalted.
  • The Five Maidens, goddesses of fate and the stars. Patrons of the Sidereal Exalted. The Five Maidens are:
    • Jupiter, Maiden of Secrets
    • Mars, Maiden of Battles
    • Mercury, Maiden of Journeys
    • Saturn, Maiden of Endings
    • Venus, Maiden of Serenity

Celestial Gods

The gods are the spirits that embody and oversee Creation. They always represent facets of Creation, a characteristic that can also be used to classify them. The Celestial gods represent abstract, creation-wide concepts, such as Love, Frowning or the Joy of Good Work. They reside in the Heavenly City of Yu-Shan and the most powerful of them, and all the gods, are the Celestial Incarnae.

Some of the Celestial gods include:

Terrestrial Gods

The Terrestrial Gods represent physical and more narrow facets of the world, such as a particular city or a forest. They usually reside at a physical location in Creation or their sanctum. They are often considered second-class gods by their cousins, the Celestial gods, for having to live in Creation. Among them are the least gods, small beings of little or no intelligence or importance. They live in and oversee the most tiny and unimportant of things such as individual blades of grass or chairs.

Some of the Terrestrial gods include:

The Immaculate Philosophy

The Immaculate Philosophy, as practiced by the Immaculate Order is the most widespread religion in Creation and the state religion of the Realm, among others. Its scriptures are collectively referred to as the Immaculate Texts. Beings ranging from small gods in Heaven to peasants in backwater areas of the Realm, easily numbering in multiple millions, adhere to the Immaculate Philosophy and accept the teachings of the Immaculate Order. Rather than being a true religion, the Immaculate Philosophy venerates the example of the Immaculate Dragons.

The Immaculate Philosophy consists of a system of prayer and meditation that gives its devotees a sense of tranquility and the ability to accept their place in Creation. At its heart, however, are five core beliefs called the Noble Insights and five fundamental behaviors and duties which are called the Diligent Practices. Different monastic traditions within the Immaculate Order promote or downplay different Insights and Practices, but all the various schools within the Order accept these ten elements as the essentials of the Immaculate Philosophy.

The Immaculate Philosophy teaches attention to the community, obedience to the Realm’s masters and concern for the well-being of all living things. While it acknowledges reincarnation, it places its emphasis on one’s present incarnation. A focus on the here and now is emphasized. Often, the official rituals in the temple each day are followed by discourses led by a prominent abbot or teacher of the Order, who will lead a guided meditation on her favorite Immaculate Dragon. These discourses are often designed to promote a community project or civic duty, so that a new public bath or marketplace or orphanage will be built or provided for. The Immaculate Philosophy thus brings real and practical benefits to the communities it touches. That these communities are strongly opposed to the Solar Exalted only pleases the Order and its sponsors the more.

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