History of the World

In the beginning…

In the beginning, there was raw Essence, existing in constant swirling chaos, unshaped and unformed. Within this chaos existed the Primordials. It cannot be known whether they were born from the Essence, if they predated its existence, or if they were somehow coterminous with it, but they were the first of all shaped things.

In the madness around them dwelt the Fair Folk, creatures whose very nature was antagonistic to the Primordials and all that sprang from them. The Primordials warred with the Fair Folk, and matters have not changed since the fi rst days of the world. Even today, the faerie seek to burn away all Creation and return the Wyld to the formless purity of the time before shape.

The Primordials desired a place for themselves, so that they might shelter from the endless storm of chaos and the tiresome warrings of the Fair Folk. There, they would rest from the struggles of existence in the Wyld and play their Games of Divinity. From this thought and their united will sprang Creation. They gave shape and form to the world, from the sun in the skies to the tiniest ant in the dust. And when the Primordials saw that it was sound and safe and suitable to their desires, they settled down to play the Games.

Creation was too complicated to maintain or sustain itself, however, and their games did not permit long lapses of attention. Therefore, the Primordials created the gods to protect and maintain Creation, leaving it in their charge.

In time, the gods grew discontent at their slavery. They could raise no hand against their creators, however, so they empowered mere mortals to be both their weapons and their champions. These chosen mortals, these Exalted, then rose up and made war against the Primordials on the gods’ behalf. Strife wracked Creation, and many things were destroyed that would not be made again.

After years of battle, the Primordials were defeated. Some were slain, and beneath them yawned a horrid Abyss that swallowed their dying souls. Others surrendered, lest they too fall into the Abyss. At the intercession of Gaia—the only Primordial who sided with the Exalted—these defeated Primordials were spared execution. Instead, they were forced to swear powerful oaths on their very names, which banished them Elsewhere and imprisoned them within the body of their general, Malfeas. Those Primordials who were taken captive became known as the Yozis, or Demon Princes, and from them came the many races of demons.

In the days after the Primordial War, the Exalted built a mighty empire spanning Creation, leading to the wonders of the First Age of Man. The Solars ruled for many long centuries before betrayal and subversion ended their empire… though the truth of that ending is shrouded in mystery.

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History of the World

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