The Demon Realm

Malfeas is the Demon City, the heart of the demon realm and the foundation of the prison the gods made. Malfeas is also the greatest of the Yozis, though once he was known by another name and was the King of the Primordials. When his 23rd soul was executed, he was turned inside out. His flesh became the ground and his bones the pillars that hold up the sky. His muscles and organs became the structures and edifices that rise into the skyline. His heart was torn out and hurled into the sky, where it became Ligier, the Green Sun.

The Yozi Kimbery is the vast acid sea that fills the lowest parts of the Demon City, pooling under buildings and stretching across hundreds of miles of sunken ruins. On one of her shores grows the silver forest Szoreny, whose trees spread roots in the sky instead of leaves. Cecelyne, the lawmaker of the demons and elder sister of Malfeas, is known as the Endless Desert, because her sandy body encircles the edges of the demon realm and stretches out beyond infinity. Adjoran, the Silent Wind, blows across the sands and passes through the Demon City on occasion, slaying every living thing it touches and bringing quiet to the noisy streets. Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares, tumbles through the sky collecting into hallucinatory clouds and psychedelic rain the fear and terror that plagues sleepers. These are just a few of the Yozis, who define their prison with their very nature.

Most of the lesser demons make their home in the Demon City, from Demon Princes to nameless wretches who caper and slave and sing and pray among tarnished metal buildings that bristle like a densely packed forest. The city is filled with music and noise, for such clamor keeps the Silent Wind away. The Green Sun never sets, and only when the Ebon Dragon passes between Ligier and the Demon City does any semblance of night come to the denizens of the demon realm. There are places in the city where the sun never reaches, though, and it is to these places that the victims of the Ebon Dragon flee so that they may escape any light, which causes them exquisite agony.

There is no reason or consistency to the architecture that makes up Malfeas. The Demon City is forever growing, shifting and struggling in torment. Layers upon layers of city have piled up over one another, crushing together, sometimes destroyed and sometimes melting into one great mass. Hordes of lesser demons work tirelessly around the city to tear down and rebuild according to the whim of Princes or their own perverse nature.

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