Part 1

Our heroes awaken in a place they have no memory of, only to discover that they have traveled to Oreithyia, the Forest Sea, home of the Forest Witches. They are re-introduced to their guide, Yalin Nado, who informs them that their introduction to the Sea of Mind caused complications, among which were apparently short-term memory loss and a blockage of their essence flows.

After being bathed in the waters of the Sea of Mind, they visit Atsiluth Eternal, where they encounter the ruling council of the city and the current ambassador of the Black Scales Embassy, a demon called Marsilion, the Eidolon of Shadow. The speaker of the council, a dead woman called Vitali Proseria, asks them to be mindful of their manners in the Forest Sea and indicates that they might be helpful in an upcoming strike against a fae-controlled city-state.

The circle split up to investigate the unusual home of the Forest Witches. Gideon stealthily observes everyday life in the Forest Sea, while Red Lion goes sailing with a woman named Nenya Caphen. Venomous Spur investigates the forest, meeting the mysterious Beauty Mara, and Prism of Truth involves himself in a contest with a local dandy. Blazer and Nado go sightseeing in Atsiluth, and Snapdragon has an encounter with Samathi Anja, one of the Numen of the Mist.


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