The Solar Exalted

Known also as the Lawgivers, the Solar Exalted are the champions of the Unconquered Sun. Their Exaltation comes to them in moments of extreme duress, usually moments in which heroism beyond the bounds of mortal strength is required. Once the masters of Creation, the Solars were betrayed and usurped by their trusted advisors and soldiers. Most Solars were unable to be reborn until recently, their Exaltation trapped in the Jade Prison, and the Dragon-Blooded Wyld Hunt mercilessly exterminated any and all who did find a way to reincarnate.

Solars are the mightiest of the Exalted, highest of the Celestial Exalted. When the Primordials were overthrown, the gods gave the Solars the Mandate of Heaven, empowering them as the rulers and saviors of Creation. Their tendency toward pride eventually became hubris, however, and they turned their faces away from heaven. When the Great Curse turned them from saviors into monsters, the Sidereals were forced to choose between redeeming them—as risky path at best—or overthrowing them.

The Sidereals chose revolution and murdered the Solars, leaving the world in the hands of the Dragon-Blooded and erasing themselves from memory, rewriting history to depict the Solar and Lunar Exalted as “the Anathema,” demons of the Immaculate Faith. The Anathema were given dark and dire names, demonic titles designed to convince common folk of their many evils. Solar Exalted come in one of five castes based on their predisposition to a particular role or duty, each related to one of the phases of the sun.

The Five Castes

The five Solar castes represent the five stages of the sun: dawn, noon, dusk, night, and the rare solar eclipse.

For more information about playing one of the Solar Exalted, see Solar Rules.

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