The Wyld

The Formless Chaos

The unformed chaos outside Creation is termed the Wyld. It is a place of perfect potential, with no structure and no easily discernable rules. The primary inhabitants of this unformed chaos are the Fair Folk. These faerie princes make their nations in the substance of the madness beyond Creation and themselves comprise that substance. They have always been hostile to Primordials and their creations. Ever since the foundation of Creation, the Fair Folk have striven to see the world reduced to Wyld-tossed ruins and dissolved.

When they have entered our world, the Fair Folk most often appear to be tall, beautiful beings of elemental aspect. They could be mistaken for Terrestrial Exalted were it not for their inhuman cast of their features and the alien miracles that trail in their wake. Their servants are will-less drones, called hobgoblins, who appear in our reality as twisted and bestial servants.

At one point sophisticated magical wards and defenses completely barred the Fair Folk from Creation. The world was once much larger than it is in the present day, however, and large portions of reality collapsed during a series of massive disasters almost 1,000 years ago. The culminating disaster of the Great Contagion was a vast invasion of Fair Folk, stopped only through the use of Creation’s geomantic defense weapons by the woman who came to be known as the Scarlet Empress.

Today, Fair Folk often slip through the ruined edges of Creation and lurk on the damaged edges of reality, seeking to undermine the world or simply to accomplish their alien agendas. Unfortunately, contact with the infl uence of the Wyld is addictive and exhilarating and also ultimately fatal for creatures of Creation. Fair Folk often use the addictive nature of the Wyld to trap and enslave their prey, for the faerie must consume human dreams to survive in the stifling reality of Creation.

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The Wyld

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