The Heavenly City

The Primordials dwelt in their palace of Yu-Shan, playing the Games of Divinity, while the gods spent their time in Creation maintaining the order of the world and living on the Blessed Isle. After the war in which the gods overthrew their creators, the Primordials were banished to Malfeas, and the gods took over Yu-Shan as their own, leaving the Blessed Isle to the Exalted.

Yu-Shan is a pocket in the fabric of Creation, similar to (but far larger than) any of the individual sanctums maintained by gods. It is a single great city surrounded by a huge wall of shining adamant and constructed on the same topography as the Blessed Isle, but with parks the size of nations and orchards the size of city-states. Above the wall rises the dome of the sky, which joins seamlessly to the wall and is impossible to breach or mar. The dome blazes with a radiance matching that of the god who is currently leading in the Games of Divinity, whether this should be bright gold for the Unconquered Sun, silver for Luna, or black and full of colored stars for one of the Maidens.

At the heart of Yu-Shan is the Jade Pleasure Dome wherein the Incarnae play the Games of Divinity. It is surrounded by palaces, manses, orchards, museums, banqueting halls and other divine buildings. A network of quicksilver canals traverses the entire metropolis, providing one of the most expedient methods of transport, though cloud-riding and artifact vehicles are also common. Yu-Shan is truly the dwelling of the gods, and the peaches of immortality grow in its orchards and celestial wine is served at the dining tables.

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