The Neverborn

The first blow of the Primordial War is the one that has been felt most keenly down through the ages.

With the death of one of the immortal rulers of Creation, something that was thought to be impossible happened. The murder of Mardukth, He Who Holds in Thrall, shattered reality itself. His corpse fell through Creation, creating a shadowy mirror realm that eventually became known as the Underworld.

Even slain, the former king of the Primordials could not die completely. Beings as powerful and vast as the Primordials were never meant to die, so those killed by the Exalted found that they had entered a state worse than death. Forever caught on the cusp of dying, never quite able to die, the Neverborn are trapped in an endless nightmare of pain and suffering. Their dreams of torment taint the Underworld and leak into Creation itself, distorting the cycle of death and rebirth.

Mortals who cannot relinquish their hold on life often become ghosts, and vast areas of Creation have been worn thin by the necrotic rot of the Underworld, becoming shadowlands. Worse still, ghosts who become too corrupted by the Neverborn’s whispers wind up mad and twisted things called specters.

In their dying dreams, the Primordials reach out to gain servants in their quest to end their suffering—which can only be accomplished by ending Creation itself. The mightiest of their undead servitors are the hekatonchires, ghosts of dead behemoths, while the most cunning and powerful are the Deathlords, ghosts of long-dead Solars. Recently, they have begun somehow corrupting escaped Solar shards into “deathknights,” the so-called Abyssal Exalted.

The Neverborn will only rest peacefully when the last piece of Creation is sucked into Oblivion.

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