Session 83: The Mountain Folk

Red Lion and Snapdragon struggle to convince the Jadeborn leader, Umgrek Hope’s-Daughter, of the danger of the Locust Crusade, finally showing their sincerity by offering to slow the Crusade’s march—on their own, if they have to. In the end, they work together with a squad of warrior-caste Mountain Folk to stymie and sabotage the Crusaders, never engaging them directly, while the mining outpost evacuates. They find themselves in the underground city of Dijak, and Umgrek tells them to get lost while they still can—with her gratitude. They also discover that another clan of Dragon Kings lairs in the mountains of Varangia, a piece of genuinely good news for once.

Prism and Blazer race back to meet up with their allies on the fields of Marukan, trying to keep up with the Locust Crusade. Venomous Spur is willing to leave things to Red Lion—until the news reaches her that the Crusade has deployed a colossus warstrider.

Red Lion, Snapdragon, and Ven make a three-pronged attack against the Walking Fortress of the Locust Crusade. Rell distracts it with long-range attacks from the Lion’s Roar, while Snapdragon and Ven infiltrate the interior of the enormous machine. Within, they find Locust Crusaders by the thousand, victims of Perpetual Entropy Engine‘s relentless march since Ochorin Hill. The Walking Fortress deploys an Omega-class essence cannon on the Lion’s Roar, damaging it severely before Red Lion abandons ship to come to Ven’s side.

Within the heart of the great machine, Venomous Spur struggles to seize control of the warstrider while Snapdragon holds off the Crusaders. Red Lion engages Engine in combat, but his lethal Basilisk Array and Apocalypse Codex allow him to give as good as he gets until Blazer arrives and binds him with sorcery. Though the Apostate is contained, the threat is far from over—and the battle rages on.


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