Session 84: The Walking Fortress

The battle against the Locust Crusade continues, with Perpetual Entropy Engine bursting his sorcerous bonds and Inquisitor Kelani joining the fray. Prism of Truth uses the power of his epic voice to return the free will of the Locust Crusaders, forcing them to face what they’ve become. In their horror, most of them end their unnatural lives.

Snapdragon faces Kelani in combat while Red Lion seizes her shadow. Engine turns his Apocalypse Codex on Prism in revenge for his interference. Venomous Spur turns herself into a nearly protoplasmic form to infiltrate the heart of the great machine, using her tattoos as makeshift interface nodes. With her skill and brilliance, she manages to turn the warstrider against its master just as Snapdragon takes Kelani out. Blazer sees the need for additional help and uses all of his power to call out to Creation, seeking the Alchemicals who crossed over with them—and Creation answers.

His lover unconscious and maybe dead, his war machine disabled, his worst enemies all present and accounted for, and himself on the verge of death, Engine decides to take everyone out with him and engages the self-destruct on his Basilisk Array. Ven relinquishes control of the Walking Fortress to aid Blazer and Lissome Avid Engineer in disabling the blast. They barely manage to do so, saving the surrounding countryside from devastation.

In the aftermath of the battle, the circle catches up with their Alchemical friends and discuss their next move. Blazer and Prism are convinced that they have to go north, and Snapdragon chooses to accompany them. Ven has to get ready for her upcoming meeting with the Lunar elders, so she chooses to go to Tambreet alone to prepare. Red Lion travels to Marukan to bring the horselords fully into the Eastern Alliance, meeting up with Tavra Swiftwind along the way; he’s not pleased at having to be bogged down with politics, but he knows that he’s put off his responsibilities for too long.

Prism, Blazer and Snapdragon prepare for the journey north, thinking about which of their allies to recruit in order to make up for their deficiency in numbers…


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