Unlockables are temporary or long-term benefits purchased with XP that do not equate to direct character growth or advancement. Some Unlockables only last for the duration of the current Act or Arc, while others are permanent benefits that stick around for the entire Campaign.

Some examples of Unlockables are included here. Most Arcs will have their own set of Unlockables available for purchase as well, but these will normally be available all the time unless noted otherwise during an Arc.

Essence Boost [varies]
The character burns his recent passions and experiences for a temporary power boost. Any character can gain Motes by spending XP on a one-for-one basis. The character can do this at any time, even in the middle of an Action Scene. It does not take an action to Essence Boost.

Fight Then Friends [5 XP/10 XP]
After successfully defeating an enemy but showing them mercy, a hero can demonstrate his sincerity and the righteousness of his cause. For 5 XP, the hero converts a defeated enemy into an ally. That NPC is now available for play as a PC (after tweaking his writeup). The player who unlocks this redemption gets first choice of playing the newly revealed hero. For 10 XP, the former enemy is available for future play as a hero, plus the hero who spent the XP can bring the character along as a supporting NPC for the next Act. He will aid the heroes in one major Action Scene before departing on good terms.

Memories of a Lost Age [5 XP]
The Exalted often recall memories of prior lifetimes, or ancestral memories from their forebears. For 5 XP, the character can narrate a past-life memory that ties into the current Scene in some way, or can ask the GM to do the same. This creates a resource at d8, which lasts for the rest of the current Act.

Old Debts [5 XP/10 XP]
Celestial Exalted gain their power from the Exaltations, shards of essence that find a new host if the current one is killed. The bearers of Exaltations often have memories from their past lives—and immortal beings sometimes recall debts between one life and the next. For 5 XP, you can declare that a non-mortal being you are dealing with owes you a debt from a past life. This being will repay your debt by sparing your life, giving you valuable information, or misdirecting your enemies. For 10 XP, the being will actively aid you in one Action Scene or grant you the use of a part of his personal panoply for the remainder of the Arc. You may only buy this Unlockable once per Arc; at the GM’s decision, you may not be able to use this Unlockable on the same being more than once.

Status Quo [10 XP/15 XP]
It is one thing to be on friendly terms with an organization—but it’s quite another to join their ranks as a full member. For 10 XP, the character is brought into the fold of a minor or regional organization as a member, gaining all the benefits of his new rank. Joining the aristocracy of Great Forks could allow a character access to high-ranking spirits or open up new types of resources, while gaining the trust of the Hawkriders of Metagalapa might make long-distance travel easier. For 15 XP, the character joins the ranks of a major or wide-ranging organization. As a Guild factor, the character would enjoy increased access to trade goods and money, while a member of the Grass Spiders could call in a veritable army of assassins for aid.
Generally, for 10 XP, the character is permanently a member of an organization, and can gain a free Resource or small squad of allies for one Scene during the Arc. For 15 XP, it’s the same benefit, plus the character can call on a significant amount of aid once during the Arc. This is the equivalent of the GM’s 2d12 End the Scene option, but the player describes how it goes. During any future Arc, the character can buy this benefit again for a different group, or can “reset” his options with his original one at 5 XP less.

Tiger Warriors [5 XP/10 XP]
You have trained an elite cadre of mortal warriors to serve under you. From time to time, you can call upon these loyal, deadly servants to fight alongside you. They have their own lives as well, however, and they are not without needs. A character with the Tiger Warrior Training SFX can spend 5 XP to gain the services of a Tiger Warrior band for one Scene. For 10 XP, the Tiger Warriors instead stick around for the duration of the Act to help out. At the GM’s discretion, a character may purchase this Unlockable more than once in an Act, gaining the services of more than one band of Tiger Warriors for a major battle.

To Sit Upon a Throne [15 XP/20 XP]
The hero has achieved mighty deeds and claimed the throne of a kingdom for himself. For 15 XP, the character is acknowledged as the ruler of a nation, but only until he leaves its boundaries. If he is absent from the nation for an entire Arc, a rival to the throne will appear or the people will grow restless, forcing him to return and regain the throne.
A character can safeguard his nation by spending an additional 5 XP; this allows him to safely leave his nation for one Arc before needing to return to it. As long as the character is present in his nation for at least the duration of an Arc, he can spend 5 XP again to leave it safely for an Arc. A character that is absent too often might still face repercussions, at the GM’s discretion.

Unexpected Help [5 XP]
The heroes gain help from an unexpected quarter during a time of need. For 5 XP, a squad of NPC allies shows up to help the heroes during an Action Scene. They expect something in return, though. If the heroes refuse to help them, this Unlockable cannot be purchased again until the next Arc.


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