Exalted: The Sun Also Rises

Session 43: Moonstruck, part 1

In which Venomous Spur hosts her long-awaited moot and a plethora of unusual characters arrive

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Tavra Swiftwind
Full Moon, horse totem
Winding Path
A short but broad-shouldered young woman who might be more generously described as handsome than beautiful. Her black hair is shaved on the sides, leaving her with a warrior’s Mohawk that strongly resembles a wild, black horse’s mane. Carries a mighty white jade goremaul.

Roaring Mouse
Full Moon, mouse totem
Swords of Luna
Roaring Mouse stands an impressive five and a half feet tall… in deadly beastman form. In her human shape, she stands just short of five feet, with mousy brown hair cut in a pageboy style and a faint, cute overbite. Her upturned nose, full cheeks, and wide ears all give her an impression of being mouse-like. This is all in complete opposition to her status as a mighty warrior of Luna.

Thief of Hearts
caste unknown, totem unknown
A roguish teenager with unruly red hair and cheery green eyes, Thief has the sort of knife-edge grin that makes girls and boys alike abandon their families for him.

Tya Sarineth Wavedancer
Changing Moon, seagull totem
Winding Path
A dark-skinned Western woman with facial tattoos who wears her blue-black hair in tight dreadlocks and binds her breasts with a sarashii. Wears billowing pants tucked into boots and carries a moonsilver wavecleaver blade.

Makisa Dragon-Tamer
Changing Moon, hyena totem
Crossroads Society
A deeply-tanned Southern woman with dull amber eyes. Her mottled brown hair falls all the way to her knees. Has a tendency to chuckle to herself constantly.

Serena Killjoy
Full Moon, cougar totem
Swords of Luna
A full-figured middle-aged woman with cat ears and a long cat’s tail.

The Prince of Crows
Changing Moon, crow totem
Winding Path
A handsome youth with ebon hair and pale skin. He’s never been spotted in his war form, even assuming he has one. Dresses in a black crow-feather cloak and black silks, with a plague doctor half-mask.

Wise Hog of Autumn
No Moon, boar totem
Crossroads Society
A rather fat man in his mid-50s with short grey hair, a wild beard, and wearing the trappings of a tribal shaman. His tell is a pair of boar tusks jutting out from his lower jaw.

Ancient-Eye Sovar
No Moon, stag totem
Wardens of Gaia
Sovar’s appearance is fairly nondescript, somewhat tall though he possesses a slight Southern cast to his features. His tell is deer-like eyes and a pair of antlers. A former student of Ma-Ha-Suchi, currently traveling with Somi of the Ironwood.

Walking Ice Terror
Full Moon, snow leopard totem
A six-foot-tall amazon with lean, corded muscles, pale skin, and white hair. Looks like an Icewalker and has a mouthful of fangs.

Spring Rabbit
Changing Moon, rabbit totem
Winding Path
A young woman with pale blonde hair and heavy, seductive eyelashes. Spring Rabbit is voluptuous and wealthy—a deadly combination. Currently traveling with a huge armored warrior she calls Red Wind of Mourning.

Luminous Vesper
Full Moon, polar bear totem
A former Sword of Luna who turned pacifist some time back. Snapdragon’s Lunar mate.

Arbash Illila
No Moon, copperhead snake totem
A young woman wearing heavy robes, a hat, and a veil. Only her silver-colored eyes are visible under the layers.

Somi of the Ironwood
Full Moon, raptor totem
Somi is tall and lanky, with feather-like hair and reptilian eyes. His skin is deeply tanned, like most Easterners, and he is slimly muscular rather than bulky, unlike most Full Moons. Currently traveling with Ancient-Eye Sovar and mentoring Fleng.

Changing Moon, bobcat totem
Fleng is a wild-haired teenager with heavy freckles covering his face and shoulders, and a set of short whiskers sticking out of his face.

Marek Ironback
No Moon, snapping turtle totem
An elderly-looking Lunar with grey, wrinkled skin and wisps of white hair clinging to his bald pate.

Danoli Bakeni
Changing Moon, red duck totem
A red-headed girl who looks like she might be in her mid-teens.

Mnalif Nganto
Full Moon, shark totem
Full-bodied and broad, Mnalif Nganto is feminine but deadly-looking. Her grey-white hair hangs down her back, and her broad full lips conceal rows of razor-sharp shark teeth. The most off-putting thing about her appearance is her dead-black eyes. She is traveling with three Lintha pirates for some reason.

Lady Vulpa Silverwings
Changing Moon, vampire bat totem
Vulpa is an old friend of Venomous Spur’s.

Changing Moon, wolfhound totem
A young Eastern man with shoulder-length hair and a neatly-cut goatee, wearing green traveling clothes.


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