Adamant Prayer

The chillest Zenith Caste ever


Zenith Caste Solar

stats unknown


But then he got high

Edit: It’s like a tribe called quest you gotta say the whole thing. One more time if you please, my name is “A Pimp named Adamant Prayer”.

Adamant Prayer is the Zenith Caste of the circle headed up by Sweet Emerald. He indulges heavily in drugs and tantric sex, claiming that they help him reach a state of enlightenment. He keeps an extensive harem and is never on less than three psychotropic substances. He carries an orichalcum and adamant macahuitl and wears a heavy blue mantle. Despite his normally calm nature, when his friends or lovers are harmed Adamant Prayer enters an insane battle frenzy, fighting without mercy or reserve.


Adamant Prayer

Exalted: The Sun Also Rises blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven