Sweet Emerald

The manipulative and beautiful leader of an opposing circle of Solars


Eclipse Caste Solar

Sweet Emerald’s demonstrated abilities include the power to command minds with a word, use her voice to shatter stone, and see into the hearts of her opponents. She seems to lack any significant combat ability, however, and uses Invincible Sword Princess as a personal bodyguard.


edit: “I disapprove of Snapdragon killing people with a billhook . . . but us baking people to death is A-OK!”
edit: “Also I’m kind of a shallow bitch.”

Okay she gets two.


Sweet Emerald is the leader of a Solar circle that includes Invincible Sword Princess, Obsidian Hawk, Adamant Prayer, and Harbinger. She was apparently quite open to negotiations with the wandering circle, but the subsequent battle left her plans (and her manse) in ruins. Afterwards, she and her circle departed Zarrith. It is unknown if she intends vengeance against the wandering circle or not.


Sweet Emerald

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