Session 82: The Locust Crusade

In the wake of the Second Battle of Mishaka, the circle scatters to the winds in order to settle ongoing issues.

Red Lion and Snapdragon scout the Lo Mountains, searching for the Locust Crusaders, only to discover that they have gone underground—literally tunneling under the mountains. They debate collapsing the mountains on the army, but they realize that it would be too imprecise, so they follow the rogue Autochthonians underground, only to find that there is an entire civilization beneath the mountains. These “Jadeborn” initially react with hostility, but they eventually choose to take the two Solars to their leaders.

Venomous Spur remained in Mishaka to administrate in the wake of Fiori’s “vacation,” and spent her time communicating her new discoveries—the orichalcum tattoos and the Autochthonian insights into the nature of the Lunar castes—to various Lunar elders by sorcerous mail.

Prism of Truth and Blazer Orpheus could no longer put off their journey to the Walker’s Realm, but they found only devastation when they arrived. The town of Saltarello had been razed and White Bone Sinner was being tortured by servants of the Mask of Winters. After dispatching the blood witches, the two Solars hurried to the Ebon Towers of Pyrron, only to find that one of the seven towers had been cast down into ruin. The Walker had recovered from his Harrowing, but with his memories partially—and violently—restored. Blazer was more convinced than ever that he would have to travel north to the resting place of the Three-and-Twenty to find his mentor’s fetters and restore his sanity.

And the Locust Crusade marched on.

The fury of the Sun shines upon thee!


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